Hi there,
we are Agata
and Sylvain x

Our journey to building the brand started over a year ago, when Agata got diagnosed with a bowel condition (not a fun day) and had to change her diet overnight. 

We had to make sure all products were gluten-free, dairy-free and free from refined sugars. 

Finding healthy, vegan, clean-label snack products was much more difficult than we anticipated, everything that was advertised as ‘free-from’ also had various warnings which was pretty confusing. Not only were the products risky they were also bland and flavourless.

On a mission to find ingredients that would feel & taste good we decided to travel to find something new and bring it back home.

Our travels took us to explore exotic spices in Dubai to Matcha rituals in Japan, our taste buds exploding with the endless health-giving foods we discovered.

We took all of our knowledge from our foodie adventures and created something new together in the kitchen, endless trialling flavours, combinations, ideas and then boom. We got it. The brand was born, and it’s why we’re here today spreading the yummy goodness.


Consuming foods that are packed with nutrients is certainly a good idea, therefore, we select whole, organic superfood ingredients such as raspberries, goji berries, chia seeds, green tea matcha containing antioxidants, the healthy fats and lots of good fibre. We create ready whole snacks that suit your conscious and active lifestyle.