To test-taste our Feel Good Bites among hungry runners, we teamed up with our buddies at Lululemon Germany to help this year’s Munich Marathon runners start their race with a nutritious, great-tasting snack

We wanted to be there to save the day for those that needed that extra nutritious boost!Why Lululemon? Agata, our founder explains:

“Lululemon is a great fit for Spoons of Taste, with its positive energy and bright, people loving atmosphere. We thought it would be great idea to support the crew runners and provide the perfect, feel good start for anyone needing a pre or post run pick-me-up”

Packed with good energy, our Feel Good Bites  left people feeling rejuvenated. We had an absolute blast helping them – and yes, it was also a great excuse to wear Hawaiian themed skirt!

Over the course of the Munich Marathon on October, we handed out hundreds of Feel Good Bites, as well as a whole load of fun and positive ENERGY!

And we can’t wait to hopefully do it all again this YEAR!

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