At Spoons of Taste, our number one priority is taste. We make no compromises on the flavour, ingredients and most importantly our impact on the planet.  It’s a collective responsibility to take care of the planet, we only have one after all. 

We’re committed to making our treats the right way, which starts with our ingredients. We work closely with the lovely people who make our treats to make sure we’re doing so efficiently and lowering our Carbon footprint as we go. 

The world gives us every source of food we have today, which means whilst it's taking care of us, we have to do our bit too.


Packaging of products has a BIG part to play in environmental issues. In fact packaging waste often ends up in the ocean and it’s why we’ve researched each part of our packaging to ensure it keeps our food and planet safe. 

We use a special plastic film Polypropylene (aka PP in the streets) and whenever you use it in its rigid form it can be recycled into brooms and brushes, quite literally helping us clean up. Our selection boxes are FSC certified – which showcases that we comply with the highest social and environmental standards on the market. Something we should be looking for in all brands. 

We also want to cut the carbon emissions and we avoid long transportation routes, proudly producing here in Germany.

Things that make us FEEL GOOD:

SOCIAL Projects

The fact poverty still exists globally is crazy. The most affected, are typically the most vulnerable, with less access to support than others: children, single parents and senior citizens. Over 10% of children and senior citizens in Munich live below the poverty line, a ‘modern’ city. We’re dedicated to reducing this %, working with the likes of Münchner Tafel and spreading our FEEL GOOD Mission.


Events that connect people through innovation and creativity are super important to us. This is why where we can we provide support to organisations and event initiatives that promote sport/nutrition education, cultural diversity and experimental expression beyond the mainstream. Our last event initiative took us to Kitzbühel where we supported Adidas Trail Event and fuelled up the athletes with needed Feel Good Boost.

GREEN Projects

Climate change is one of the greatest environmental challenges of the present. The harsh reality is that 8% of global carbon emissions come from needless food waste and this is why we consciously work to fight against it. Working closely with organisations such as Sirplus DE we donate goodies, ensuing nothing goes to waste unnecessarily.