Mind Food

The nutritionally complete snack bar that keeps your mind happy.

100% Organic and Plant Based

10g Plant Protein

Adaptogen Power Inside

Source of Vitamin C and E

Gluten Free + Zero Refined Sugars

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The next generation of snacks

Real food that loves you back.

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To delicious snack bars formulated with clean-label ingredients. Rich in plant protein, vitamins C + E and fuelled by adaptogens. Your healthy choice, without compromising on taste.

Sweet Beet Aronia

+ Rosehips


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12 packs

Rich Brownie

+ Ashwagandha


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12 packs

Zesty Apple

+ Spirulina


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12 packs
Three flavours of the AHARAbars

Our #Mindfood.
Functional Snacking

Snack Bars formulated with clean-label organic ingredients, rich in plant protein, rich in vitamin C + E and fuelled by uplifting plants Adaptogens. Simply helping our body to adapt to life’s doozies.

Plant basesd




+ organic

Plant protein

Our Mission

We create plant-based snacks to help you get through the day no matter what challenges you face, keeping you nutritiously fed throughout the day.

To accelerate the transition from animal to plant-based proteins, we develop snacks that are packed with protein, fibre, vitamins and adaptogens – the foundations for long-term health. 

People still associate free from plant-based snacks with poor-tasting substitutes that don't provide good nutritional value. We prove them wrong, we create real food that loves you back.

About us
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Rethink Snacks

The snack industry is full of empty calories and refined sugars, that make us feel low after the short initial high. 

We dream of the opposite. We no longer want to live at the expense of our own health as well as the health of our planet.

Snacking is so much more than just calories and sugars. Our products make you thrive. Protein, Fiber, Vitamins are the building blocks that make up the human body and the adaptogens we added support your cognitive performance - REAL FOOD THAT LOVES YOU BACK

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