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Who we are

Driven by our own health journey which started with Inflammatory Bowel Disease some time ago, we set out to create snacks that give us back the energy we need for a positive and healthy lifestyle.

We want to accelerate the shift from high-calorie, low-nutrient, high - sugary, animal-based snacks to plant-based, healthy foods on the go.

We take responsibility for the world of tomorrow. Full of drive, power, fun and good taste, we give our best every day.

Together, for the place we live in.

We better align the food we eat with the planet we love

Recyclable Packging

Made of polypropylene (AKKA PP in the street) can be  100%  recycled into brooms and brushes helping us clean up.

Only Organic Ingredients 

All  ingredients that we use in our products  are fully organic, sourced locally, packed with nutrients, containing antioxidants, the healthy fats and good fibre.  

No waste Policy 

We donate goodies so nothing is wasted.We are proudly  working with Sirplus DE and Tafel to fight against food waste. 


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We are a team of engineers, yogis, financial analysts, neuroscientists and passionate students who together do better. 
Together with you, we are fighting for a world where nutrient-dense snacks are the order of the day.

For you and the planet

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