Benefits of spirulina

What is spirulina?

Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae, often deemed a superfood due to its outstanding amount of nutrients and vitamins. Spirulina has vitamins of the B group, magnesium, vitamins E and C, and so much protein it makes it comparable to eggs.

What are spirulina's benefits?
Anti-inflammatory properties - phycocyanin, the very element responsible for spirulina's bright colour, is an antioxidant that helps our bodies fight inflammation.
High amount of protein makes spirulina beneficial for muscle growth and strength.
Blood pressure can be reduced with regular consumption.
Spirulina may ease seasonal allergy symptoms thanks to acting like an antihistamine.

When to take it?
How do I know spirulina would be the right and timely choice for me?
Doing sports, running errands, taking care of loved ones requires a lot of resilience and strength. Something you're likely to feel after a couple of weeks already is energy levels and endurance. Spirulina is a fitting superfood for those always in a hurry, doing power workouts and trying to have some structure, too.
Since spirulina contributes to immune health, too, it may support you during flu season and through stressful phases in life.

How to take spirulina?
Spirulina comes in the form of tablets, powder or capsules. From the efficiency point of view, it doesn't matter which one you go for: some may find it easier to just take a capsule with other daily vitamins, others might want to add it to smoothies or yoghurts. The main thing is that you find the most effortless way to incorporate the superfood into your daily routine and make it feel like you're doing something good for your body!

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