Our Team has grown from 2 to 12 foodies

For those of you who already had a chance to try our products you know we came a long way… Our journey started across several street food markets in central London and took us all the way to Munich.

2022 we are so ready for you!

When we started we were just two very motivated founders who did not know much about the food scene let alone the product challenges in the startup scene.

In the new year we go one step further with new team members, new product launches and redesigned branding.

We are a team of engineers, yogis, financial analysts, neuroscientists and passionate students who together do better.

From 2 to 12 passionate and diverse team members from all over the world: Poland, Germany, India, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Russia, France, Sri Lanka we are fighting together for a world where nutrient-dense snacks are the order of the day.

Be sure to follow us along to see what’s cooking up in 2022!

Ready to bring you the next generation of  wholesome snacks that suit your conscious and active lifestyle!

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