The secret benefits of rose hips

Rose hips are mostly known for their high amounts of Vitamin C. Yet the benefits don't nearly end there!
Rich in Vitamin E and A, they are scientifically proven to be beneficial for glowing skin, strong hair and nails. High levels of polyunsaturated fats in seeds and oil are responsible for their wide use in the beauty industry, since they promote skin elasticity and help with a barrier against harmful UV-rays and pollution.

Beauty starts from within, and the benefits of these power bundles go well beneath the surface: by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, rose hips may also be beneficial for heart health and longevity.

Everything comes together in the most delicious way possible: our pride and joy, AHARAbar Sweet Beet, Aronia + Rose hips.

From these rose buds to your taste buds - get yours and embrace the power of adaptogens today!

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